A trip to a peaceful Mediterranean

A trip to the Mediterranean in a new dimension made of freedom, lightness and new scents. Culture, Music, Food, Wine and Nature come together on the coast of Amendolara where the coast is sinking fast on a sea of crystal clarity.
A place full of history and myths magically combine, Don Bruno’s Homes offers a timeless dimension in which there is the pleasure of welcoming, for the beautiful and the good life. Unexplored landscape, culture and rural heritage discovering a unique local culinary cuisine made by fresh genuine ingredients.

The Homes

Casa della Nonna

Casa della Nonna

The Casa della Nonna certainly has a unique position in the Gulf of Taranto. A spacious dining area opens onto a balcony overlooking the sea, where you can dine or relax lulled by gentle waves of crystal sea. The first room consists of a double bed, with breathtaking views, has its own bathroom. The second … Continue reading Casa della Nonna

Casa Ogigia

Casa Ogigia

The Casa Ogigia literally facing the sea is composed of two spacious and bright rooms, furnished in Mediterranean style with an American kitchen with fireplace and one bathroom. The large garden, rich in Mediterranean plants, has its own relaxation area with a barbeque. The house is equipped with a parking space inside the garden.   … Continue reading Casa Ogigia

Casa degli Ulivi

Casa degli Ulivi

The cosy Casa degli Ulivi consists of two bedrooms (one with double bed and the other with two bunk beds) and a kitchenette. Outside is a cool spacious pergola immersed in a garden of Mediterranean olive trees where you can chill out or dine.      

The village of Amendolara

Amendolara Marina is a village located in a lovely spot of the Jonic sea overlooking the gulf of Taranto named “The Achaean coast” by the Greeks who landed in this area in the 8th century BC.
The name Amendolara coming from the Greek word "Amygdalaria" because of the ancient production of almonds.
The entire stretch Jonico has a deep connection with the Hellenic world, a mixture that still standing the traditions, dialect and the habits, here we breathe Magna Grecia.
Amendolara, fortunately, is still a place of tranquility, yet to be assumed by mass tourism.
The beach is a special place, most of free clear water surrounded by the ever green Mediterranean maquis. Amendolara is also famous for its shoal, about ten miles from the coast, it seems that this was the island of Ogygia. According to the story of Homer's Odyssey, Ulysses escaped the vortex of Charybdis, landed on this island where the nymph Calypso, Altante’s daughter, lived and fell in love..

Exploring the Coast of the Mediterranean Ionian Sea

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